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Soil Information

  • Fertilizing flax Extension publication outlining recommendations, summaries of research, and application information for nitrogen, phosphate, zinc, potassium and other nutrients. Produced by NDSU Extension, and NDSU Dept. of Soil Science.
  • Crop rotation Summary of soil/crop interactions on flax rotations, as well as suitable soil types for flax. Provided by Flax Council of Canada.
  • Crop rotations for increased productivity Results of research on various crop rotations systems for North Dakota crops including flax. Discusses effects on yield, disease and pest control, soil health, economic considerations, selecting rotations, selected rotation systems, and a bibliography for further information.
  • Cultivation Summary of flax and soil interactions and the requirements of soil for growing flax. Written by James A. Duke and provided by NewCrop and Purdue University and retrieved from the NewCROP database.



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