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Growing Flax

NDSU agricultural specialists have a myriad of tools for the flax producer. Check these links to Extension and Experiment Station reports, handbooks, and guides for up-to-date grower information.

  • General Overview: article providing a general overview of flax production specifically in North Dakota. This page will open up in a new window.
  • Varieties: detailed articles on the different varieties of flax.
  • Soil: information about crop rotation and other soil needs.
  • Seeding: seeding rate and different planting information.
  • Fertilizers: how to properly fertilize flax.
  • Weeds: weed and weed control.
  • Harvesting & Storage: properly harvesting and storing flax.
  • Diseases: diseases that effect flax.
  • Insect Pests: different insect pests that effect flax.
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