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Crop Values

Value of crop estimated from bushels produced and price per bushel (from USDA Crop Values 2007 Summary, published Feb. 2008, p. 25.) For the report including all crops click here.

NOTE: "Prices are marketing year average (MYA) prices which do not include allowances or adjustments for commodities under government loan at the end of the marketing year, commodities forfeited to the Commodity Credit Corporation, loan deficiency payments, direct and counter cyclical payments, or disaster payments."

For Flaxseed, USDA defines the marketing year as July 1 to June 30. Final MYA price for Flaxseed is taken from the November issue of Agricultural Prices. (see above).

Oil Crops Yearbook. This annual report examines world and U.S. production, consumption, trade, stocks, and prices for oil crops. This is a supplement to Oil Crops Outlook.

Appendix Table 27. Flaxseed: Acreage planted, harvested, yield, production, and value in the U.S.

Appendix Table 28. Flaxseed: Supply, disappearance, and price in the U.S.


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