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Eastman,Whitney. The History of the Linseed Oil Industry in the United States. T.S. Denison & Company, Minneapolis, 1968.


Chapter One: The Raw Material--Flaxseed. p15-24

Chapter two: Growth and Decline of Flaxseed Production in the United States along with the rise and fall of the linseed Oil processing Industry. p 25-62 Includes company histories.

Chapter Three: the Work of the Flax Development Committee and the Flax Institute of the United States. p 63-106 Includes information about the FIUS, and various research institutions and researchers involved in the development of flax and understanding of flax diseases., especially North Dakota State University.

Chapter Four: The Evolution of Processing Equipment

Chapter Five: Uses of the Products of the Flax Plant. p 123-148 History of the uses of the flax plant in the United States, mainly in the nineteenth century, and up to mid twentieth century



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