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Fundamental research in all basic sciences, providing the foundation for research center field testing, includes:

  • Evaluation of crop varieties adaptable for the Red River Valley, including soybean, dry edible bean, small grains, corn and sugarbeet.
  • Animal research including dairy, beef, sheep, swine and equine.
  • Diagnostic and testing services.
  • Technology development.
  • Marketing and the economics of production.
  • Economics of natural resource use.
  • Human ecology.

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The Main Station of the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station is located in the northwest corner of Fargo, with research land and buildings on the north and west edges of the North Dakota State University campus.

Approximately 2,300 acres accommodate 500 employees in the departments of Agribusiness and Applied Economics, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Animal and Range Science, Cereal and Food Sciences, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Plant Sciences, Soil Science and Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences.


The Northern Crops Institute, N.D. State Seed Department, N.D. Agricultural Statistics Service, N.D. Census Center and USDA's Northern Crop Science and Bioscience Research Laboratories are also located on the NDSU campus. The close affiliation of scientific interests and physical location of these programs provides a solid research nucleus to concentrate on state, regional and national needs in agricultural research.

Scientists based at the Main Station do research under local conditions and work with Experiment Station and Extension staff throughout the state. Nearly 400 acres of Main Station land is intensely cultivated and maintained in orderly research plots. These experiments are carefully designed and replicated to simulate large-scale farming enterprises in order to test new varieties of plants and experimental ways of raising them more efficiently and effectively.

Livestock research investigates livestock growth, reproduction and health and includes dairy, beef, equine, swine and sheep.

Special emphasis is given to several aspects of rural life and North Dakota population changes.

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