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Table 1. 1999 Hard Red Winter Wheat Variety Descriptions

Variety Agent or Origin Year Quality Leaf rust1 Stem rust1 Maturity Straw strength Height Wintera hardiness
  ND 1975 Good S R3 med. m. med. good
Norstar Can. 1977 Average S S late med. tall good
Winridge MT 1980 V. Poor S S med. strong med. poor
Rita SD 1980 Average MS MR2 early strong med. fair
Rose SD 1981 Poor S MS2 early v. strong short fair
Norwin* MT 1983 Poor S MS med. strong v.short fair
Agassiz ND 1983 Average S R med. med. med. good
Siouxland NE 1984 Poor MR R early strong med. poor
Seward ND 1987 Poor S R med. m. med. good
Abilene* AgriPro 1987 2.5 S MR early strong v.short poor
Judith MT 1988 Average S S med. strong med. fair
Arapahoe NE 1989 Poor MR MR med. med. med. fair
CDC Can. 1994 NA S S med. m. med. good
Elkhorn ND 1995 Average MR R4 med. med. med. good
Erhardt MT 1996 NA S R med. strong med good
McGuire MT 1996 NA S R m. early strong m. tall fair
Rampart** MT 1996 NA S R med. strong med. poor
AC Can. 1996 NA S S med. strong med. good
Nekota SD/NE 1997 NA MS NA early v. strong v. short good
Alliance NE 1997 NA S NA early strong short good
Crimson SD 1997 NA MS NA med. m. med. NA
Tandem SD 1997 NA MS NA early med. med. NA
Windstar NE 1997 NA MS NA early med. med. NA
Ransom ND 1998 Good R NA m. early med. med. good

a Varieties with less than good winterhardiness should be seeded only in tall stubble.
* Semidwarf, ** Saw fly resistant.
1 R = resistant; MR = moderately resistant; MS = moderately susceptible; S = susceptible.
2 Susceptible in artificially induced epidemics.
3 Slow rusting type of resistance to race 15.
4 Occasionally mixed with some susceptible plants.

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