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State Travel Expense Vouchers

Travel Policy

A travel expense voucher can be found at the accounting forms web site at:

General Tips for Completing a State Travel Expense Voucher

  • Only one travel expense voucher may be submitted each month unless travel exceeds $100 during the first 15 days; then two travel expense vouchers may be submitted.
  • If attending a conference that begins in one month and ends during another month (ex. 5/31-6/2), expenses will need to be divided and expensed during the appropriate month.  You may need to make copies of the original receipts in order to submit a set with each voucher.  Also, make sure to cross-reference the travel with the other voucher in the misc. expense detail.

Required Reference #
All travel expense vouchers require a unique reference number.

  • To generate a reference number, access the accounting forms page at
  • Click on reference number generator.
  • Indicate that you are requesting a unique number for an travel expense voucher by checking the box and clicking “get number.”

Enter the reference number in the top right corner following the red T.

Personal Data
Fill information out completely.  Make sure your employee ID number is correct.

Purpose of Trip
Explain reason for travel for that month.

Travel Expenses

  • Each day of travel needs to be listed separately.  For example, you cannot combine three days of travel on one line (6/1-6/3); they need to be broken out separately.
  • Points covered by travel along with departure and arrival times MUST be listed for each day of travel.
  • When sharing a room with someone else, explain who you are staying with (friends, family, or employee name).
  • Meal reimbursements that do not involve overnight lodging are reported as taxable gross income on the employee's W-2 and are subject to withholding and employment taxes.  
  • All expenses in the miscellaneous column require an explanation in the misc. expense detail area.
  • Receipts must reflect a zero balance and show that balance was paid in full.  If it does not show a zero balance a cancelled check or credit card statement may be required as proof of purchase.

Note:  Out-of-state airline tickets and registrations purchased prior to travel may be submitted for reimbursement at the time of purchase on an AP voucher.

When in doubt, please call the state office at 701-231-9688 and Kris can help answer your questions.