Financial Resources

  Accounts - CAP Grant Budgets and State PRC Budgets
List of fund, department, program and project number to be included on Accounts Payable Voucher, Request for Payment Form, or State Travel Expense Voucher.

Accounts Payable Voucher
Use the accounts payable voucher when you are paying individuals. Attach the non-employee reimbursement form when you are requesting reimbursement for travel expenses. Attach the contracted services agreement when you are requesting payment for consulting. Instructions for completing the form.


Contracted Services Agreement - Child Care


Contracted Services Agreement - Consultation


Contracted Services Agreement - Generic
This form can be used for the entire year as long as you provide a copy of the fully signed form each time you request payment for consulting - child care or parenting education.

  NDSU Accounting Forms
Find travel voucher, accounts payable voucher, reference number generator and other useful forms.
  Non-employee Reimbursement Form
Use this form when requesting reimbursement for travel expenses for a non-NDSU employee.
  Reference Number Generator
Accounts payable vouchers, travel expense vouchers, and interdepartmental building forms require a unique reference number for the NDSU Accounting Office to process.

Peoplesoft Account Codes
Look up the account code to be included on the Accounts Payable Voucher or the Request for Payment Form.


Peoplesoft Account Codes (frequently used)
Print a copy of the frequently used account codes for quick reference at your desk.


Request for Payment form
Use the Request for Payment form when you are requesting payment to a business/organization.

  Subcontract Award Procedures