Accounts Payable (AP) Vouchers

What is an AP voucher used for?

An AP voucher can be found at the accounting forms web site at

General Instructions for Completing an AP Voucher or Purchase Order (PO)

Required Reference #
All AP vouchers require a reference number.

Enter the reference number in the top right corner at “required reference #”.

Vendor ID or Empl ID #
Enter the vendor number from your list or your employee ID if it is for personal reimbursement.  Leave blank if vendor number is unknown.

Purchase Order (PO) #
A purchase order number should only be used if a vendor requires one, otherwise this can be left blank.  If a vendor requires a PO number to place an order, follow these steps:

  1. Generate a reference number.
  2. Provide this as the PO number.  Usually, you only need to provide them with a number and it will not be necessary to fill out this form.
  3. If a vendor requires a PO to be faxed to them, then complete the AP voucher with as much information as possible and place the reference number in both the required reference # line and also in the purchase order # line.  Then fax the completed form along with the order.

Customer or Account #
If our customer or account number is known, please add it here.  Otherwise, if it is for a personal reimbursement or if the number is unknown, please leave it blank.

Invoice Date
Date of invoice.  If submitting more than one receipt for reimbursement, use the most recent date.

Hold Check – Call
Please leave blank.  This is a special instructions box.

Please make sure that the name in the first line is the name the check should be written to.  If a check should be made out to one name, but sent to another, then please add the mailing information in the “remit to if different than vendor address”.

Social Security Number or Federal I.D. Number

Description of Goods or Services
Add a description of goods and services with quantity and amount.  Include an explanation on why the purchase was made.  For example, if you were submitting to be reimbursed for some groceries you purchased, you might explain that they were purchased for a nutrition education lesson and the name of the lesson.

Add account and funding information in the area provided

Requesting Department Name
Extension Family & Consumer Sciences