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ISSUE 3    May 27, 2010


Crop Management Field School


Scout for Cutworms

Check Canola Fields for Seed Treatment Efficacy Against Flea Beetles

Grasshopper Emergence Map

Scout for Alfalfa Weevils

Monarchs Are Back in North Dakota

Sugarbeet Root Maggot Flies Emerging, Peak Expected in Early/Mid-June

Plant Science

Minimum Soybean Stands

Late Planting and Replanting Corn

Plant Pathology

NDSU IPM Survey Begins

Stripe Rust in Southern Great Plains

Reminder to Sign-up to Receive Scab Alerts


Anhydrous Ammonia Supply

Foliar Zinc Application


New Herbicide Price List

Maximizing Glyphosate Activity in Roundup ReadyŽ Crops


Tree Insect Pests - Cankerworms and Tent Caterpillars Emerging


Rhizosphaera Needlecast on Spruce: Correct Diagnosis Is First Step in Proper Treatment

Around the State
Diagnostic Lab

NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab Update



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