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ISSUE 7    June 24, 2010


2010 Wheat Midge Forecast & Scouting Guidelines

Scout for Armyworms in Wheat

Adult Sunflower Beetle Emerging

Update on Degree Days for Collecting Leafy Spurge Flea Beetles

Fun Insect Question: What Is this Large Spider? Is it Poisonous?

Sugarbeet Root Maggot: Fly Activity Hotspots Persist

Cutworms Damaging Sugarbeet Fields

Plant Science

Soybean Variety Selection May Increase Yields in Fields with Iron-Deficiency Chlorosis

Timing Fungicide Applications for Scab Control in Small Grains

Plant Pathology

Small Grain Head Scab Risk

NDSU IPM Survey Results (As of June 18)

Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus

Managing and Planning for Diseases of Sugarbeet

Blackleg Appearing in Canola

Conditions Favorable for White Mold in Broadleaf Crops Entering Bloom

Potato Late Blight


Volunteer RR Soybean Control

Volunteer RR Canola Control

Diagnostic Lab

NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab Update

Around the State


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