ISSUE 9   July 8, 2010


Scout fields to determine the presence of weeds in Roundup Ready sugarbeet fields. If weeds are few, but numerous enough to require removal and are not significantly competing with the sugarbeet, apply glyphosate at 0.75 pounds acid equivalent per acre (lb ae/A) when 20 to 50% of the plants begin to flower. The reproductive stage tends to be another very vulnerable stage of growth to glyphosate. If weeds are present and are competing with the sugarbeet, apply glyphosate at 0.75 lb ae/A as soon as possible, but no sooner than 14 days prior to the last application. With both scenarios, apply glyphosate during the warmest (80 to 90 F) and most humid days to maximize activity. Glyphosate must be applied no later than 30 days prior to harvest. If weeds are below the sugarbeet canopy, apply glyphosate in 15 to 20 gallons of spray mixture per acre to ensure better coverage of small weeds below the canopy.

Jeff Stachler
Agronomist - Weed Science

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