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ISSUE 10    July 15, 2010


Soybean Aphid Continue at Low Levels

Grasshopper Alert in Lentils for NW ND

Watch for Grasshoppers in Sunflowers and Other Crops into Late Summer

Continue to Scout for Cereal Aphids in Late Planted Wheat and Barley

Scout for Banded Sunflower Moth Eggs at R3 Crop Stage

Scout for Lygus Bug in Flowering Canola

Where Is the European Corn Borer Moth?

What Insect Causes These Damaged Sunflower Heads?

Mystery Insect: What Is this Insect That Feeds on Vine Crops (Squash and Pumpkins) in Home Gardens?

Plant Science

Response of Canola to High Temperatures

Planting Winter Wheat after Prevent Plant

Plant Pathology

Sunflower Rust in North Dakota

Fungicide Applications for White Mold on Soybeans

Sugarbeet Crop Progress

Common Root Rot and Take-all in Wheat

NDSU IPM Survey Results, July 9


Weed Control in Sweet Corn

Interactions of Glyphosate with Manganese

Scouting for Glyphosate Resistance

Volunteer Roundup Ready Canola a Growing Threat

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