ISSUE 14   August 26, 2010

South-Central ND

According to NDAWN (North Dakota Agriculture  Weather Network) data, the region received 1.2 inches (Robinson) to 4.3 inches (Pillsbury) of rain during August 1-24. According to NDAWN, corn water use during the week of August 18-24 averaged 0.10 to 0.15 inches per day. The past weekendís warm weather and wind has hastened the development of row crops.

The majority of spring wheat acres have been harvested (> 75%). Preliminary harvest reports indicate wheat yield averaging in the mid 50 to 60 bu/acre range and adequate protein levels. Most of the regionís corn is in the dent (R5) growth stage, thus 2-3 weeks are required to reach physiological maturity. Dry beans are near or are at seed maturity, and field chemical desiccation is in progress. Soybeans generally are in the full seed (R6) stage, with some early-maturing varieties at initial maturity (R7). White mold is becoming more common in soybean fields. This is a good time to scout soybean fields for all diseases in preparation for future field disease management plans. Yield potential for corn and late-season broadleaf crops continues to be positive.



The NDSU Carrington Research Extension Centerís annual row crop tour, featuring production research and recommendations for corn, dry bean, soybean and sunflower is scheduled for September 2. The tour will begin at 3 p.m. with dry bean and sunflower, continues at 5 p.m. with corn and soybean, and concludes with a sponsored supper.

Refreshment and meal sponsors are the North Dakota Soybean Council, National Sunflower Association and North Dakota Corn Growers Association and Utilization Council. Each organization has been invited to provide brief updates on its activities during supper.

Four continuing education credits will be available for certified crop advisers.

 Additional information about the tour is available from the Carrington REC at(701) 652-2951 or at

 Greg Endres
Area Extension Specialist/Cropping Systems
NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center

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