ISSUE  13   August 12, 2010


The selection of soybean varieties for 2011 should start by observing promising varieties under field conditions during the 2010 production season. In the fall there are usually numerous opportunities to visit soybean plot tours and observe the performance of varieties in the field. Producers’ fields can also be viewed since many companies have plot signs indicating which varieties are being grown. Soybean varieties should match expected field conditions and management practices. A variety can be selected with good yield, oil and protein content potential as well as disease resistance.

Research and demonstration plots provide
opportunities to evaluate soybean varieties in the field.

The Variety Testing Program at North Dakota State University is cooperating with industry, state and national crop associations to provide North Dakota producers with the information they need for selecting the right soybean varieties. Trial results were provided to the Soybean Board to be included in data for the Soybean Quality Toolbox which can be found at

The Soybean Quality Toolbox is useful to producers in identifying soybean varieties with good protein and oil levels, and provides a dollar value per acre for different varieties. There are a number of steps you must take in order to get to the trial results. First select North Dakota State University data, followed by the harvest year you are interested in (2003 through 2009) and the plot location within the state. The second step is to indicate the type of soybean (conventional or RR) and if you want to search for varieties from a selected company. The last step, to get the value per acre, is to select a market price for the soybean crop. Completing these selection criteria and clicking on “data” will provide the results. There is also a feature to create a scatter plot between oil and protein. This provides a visual aid to focus on high oil and protein level varieties. Data can be exported into an excel sheet format.

The Toolbox, developed by the United Soybean Board, helps growers identify soybean varieties best suited for appropriate production goals. Producers are encouraged not only to look at one year’s data, but also to look at yield trends over time, and several locations in North Dakota.
Information about 2009 soybean variety testing can also be found on the NDSU web site at

Hans Kandel
Extension Agronomist Broadleaf Crops

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