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ISSUE 4    June 4, 2009


Optimizing Cutworm Control

Foliar Rescue Spraying for Crucifer Flea Beetle in Canola

Corn Rootworm Survival in Flooded Fields

Wireworms Damage Area Sugarbeet Fields

Sugarbeet Root Maggot: Emergence Delayed by Weather

Plant Science

Rolling Dry Bean and Soybean Ground

Managing Prevented Planting Acres and Planting a Residue Crop for Winter Wheat

When Should I Harvest Alfalfa

Plant Pathology

Tan Spot Commonly Observed in Winter Wheat Planted in Wheat Stubble in Southeast ND

Wheat Streak Mosaic Observed in Winter Wheat in Southeast

Cereal Rust Bulletin Update

Diseases in Late Planted Peas


Sulfur Deficiency


Timing the First Glyphosate Application in Roundup Ready Sugarbeet

Maximizing Glyphosate Activity in Glyphosate-Resistant Crops

Temperatures Affect Glyphosate Activity


Ash Anthracnose Observed

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