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ISSUE 6    June 18, 2009


Migratory Insects Arrive in North Dakota

Spraying for Wheat Stem Maggot in Wheat

Tent Caterpillars Active in ND and MN

Sugarbeet Root Maggot Flies Emerging

Plant Science


Plant Pathology

NDSU Disease Forecasting Site Update

Fungicides for Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Management

Growth Stage Is Critical for Scab Control with Fungicides

NDSU IPM Field Survey

Sugarbeet Managing Rhizoctonia Root Rot

Sugarbeet Crop Update

Tank-mixing Fungicides, Insecticides with Herbicides

Sunflower Rust Update

Soybean Rust Active in Southern States



Prevent Planting Crop Choices for Salty Soil Remediation

Micronutrients, Roundup and Their Unhappy Marriage


Marestail (Horseweed) Control in Emerged Soybean

Will Pre Herbicides Work after No Rain?

Weed Emergence Is Slow

Volunteer Corn Management in Corn and Soybean


Emerald Ash Borer Insecticide Guide Available

Around the State


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