ISSUE 6   June 18, 2009

Southwest ND

Conditions this past week were favorable for crop development with warming temperatures and highly variable rainfall. NDAWN sites recorded a low of 0.15 inches at Beach to 5.60 inches near Mandan. County agents and producers have reported that parts of their counties received 2 to 7 inches of rain while other locations received nothing. Some locations reported hail though damage was limited. Soil moisture conditions appear to be adequate to saturated over southwestern part of the state. Wind and soil conditions were ideal for applying herbicides and early season fungicide applications last Thursday through Monday afternoon.

Warm weather is helping late planted crops with emergence and growth. Winter wheat has nearly completed jointing with some fields in the southern part of the district reporting that heading has begun. Spring wheat planted May 7 is at about the 5 leaf-stage of development. Peas are at the 7 to 8 node stage. Most corn and sunflower that has been planted is emerged to four leaves. Some sunflower is yet to be planted with some producers interested in planting some of the warm season annual crops. Alfalfa is beginning to bloom and harvest is expected to begin as soon as fields dry. Some producers are top dressing their spring wheat crops with additional nitrogen since moisture and temperature conditions are excellent for yield development.

Roger Ashley
Area Extension Specialist - Dickinson REC

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