ISSUE 9   July 9, 2009

South-Central ND

During the past week (July 1-7), rainfall at NDAWN sites in the region ranged from 0.6 to 1 inch, except in the northeast. Barnes, Eddy, Foster, Griggs, and Stutsman counties received 0 to 0.35 inches of rain, while an inch or more of rain would be welcome.

Growing degree day (GDD) units for corn planted May 1 through July 7 range from about 600 to 875 units. Our GDD units continue to be ahead of last year and 2004, but about 60 to 200 units behind for the period compared to the long-term average. Winter wheat and barley are in the seed-fill stages. Canola, flax, and early-planted soybean and dry bean are flowering. First harvest of alfalfa is complete and grass haying continues.

Early-seeded spring wheat is flowering during the first 10 days of July. Considering current weather conditions, yield potential, and market prices for spring wheat, an early-flowering fungicide application for scab suppression and control of leafspot diseases would be a good strategy. In NDSU Carrington REC uniform spring wheat scab fungicide trials (application at early-flower stage), the following grain yield (bushels/acre) were observed during the past three years:

2006: untreated check = 78.7, fungicide (average of 13 treatments) = 78.6 to 87.7
2007: untreated check = 44.7, fungicide (average of 11 treatments) = 48.0 to 53.8
2008: untreated check = 72.8, fungicide (average of 12 treatments) = 75.9 to 82.4.

Check the following website for trial details:

Upcoming crop tours to be conducted by the Carrington Research Extension Center include:

  • Field pea (Pulse crop), CREC - Friday, July 10 (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
  • Field Day, CREC - Tues., July 14 (9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.)
  • Barnes County, Dazey - Thursday, July 16 (evening)
  • Tri-county, Wishek - Wednesday, July 22 (7 p.m.)
  • Field Day, Oakes - Tuesday, July 28 (9 a.m.)
  • Greg Endres
    Area Extension Specialist/Cropping Systems
    NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center

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