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ISSUE 8    July 2, 2009


Scout for Barley Thrips

Wheat Stem Sawfly Populations High in Southwest North Dakota

Insect Scouting Updates

Plant Science

Cereal Crop Growth in Flooded and Saturated Soils

Plant Pathology

NDSU IPM Field Survey Update - July 1

Wheat Leaf Rust

NDSU Disease Forecasting Site Shows Reduced Head Scab Risk, but Still Tan Spot Risk

Some Preliminary Winter Wheat Disease Observations

Sclerotinia May Be a Threat to Canola this Year

Canola Risk Map Down

Pulse Disease Survey

Managing Sunflower Rust

Fungicide Application for Reducing Losses from Pasmo Disease in Flax

Cercospora Leaf Spot in Sugarbeet


Plant Analysis Interpretation

Loss of N In-Season

Sulfur Remediation of Corn


Glyphosate Nonperformance Issues and Glyphosate-Resistant Biotypes


Iron Chlorosis in Trees

Diagnostic Lab

Periodic Report of the NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab

Around the State


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