ISSUE 15   September 18, 2008


In the Commodity Programs Title, it is important to remember that before farmers can receive direct payments, counter-cyclical payments, or average crop revenue election payments, they must agree to "effectively control noxious weeds" during the crop year for which the payments are made and in exchange for the payments. In other words, all federally listed noxious weeds must be controlled on any land enrolled in the USDA Commodity Programs. Thatís an important point to emphasize over and over again, especially from our university Extension personnel.

A new provision in the Conservation Title involves the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Now producers are allowed to do routine grazing or prescribed grazing for the control of invasive species without penalty or loss of their CRP contract. The producers, in coordination with their State technical committee must develop appropriate vegetation management requirements and stocking rates for the land that are suitable for continued routine grazing and must establish the frequency during which routine grazing may be conducted, taking into consideration regional differences such as climate, soil type, and natural resources.

Dr. Rodney G. Lym
Professor Weed Science

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