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ISSUE 15    September 18, 2008


Clean-Up Grain Bins to Prevent Insect Infestations

Soybean Aphid Moving to Buckthorn!

Hessian Fly-Free Dates Still Valid after 70+ Years?

Plant Science

Soybean Variety Selection

NCR-SARE Announces 2008 Grant Call for Proposals

Assessing Corn Maturity and Moisture

Field Dry-Down of Corn

Ag Engineering

Post-Harvest Tips for Later Maturing Corn

Plant Pathology

Sunflower Rust

Soybean Disease Survey

Soybean Rust Update

Soil Testing for Soybean Cyst Nematode

What’s Wrong with My Soybean Leaves?

Survey of Root Rot Pathogens in Peas

Wheat Streak Mosaic Management

Uniform Fungicide Trial Results on Spring Wheat & Barley


Coping with High Fertilizer Costs

Seven Steps to Better Crop Nutrient Management


2008 Farm Bill Finally Becomes Law


White Grub Control in Turf

Around the State


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