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ISSUE 2    May 22, 2008


NDSU Crop Management Field School


Remember to Plant the Non-Bt Corn Refuge Requirement for Bt Corn

Cold Temperatures Delay Alfalfa Weevil Emergence

Spring Tick Talk

Plant Science

Donít Forget Phosphorus for Alfalfa Production

Soybean Replanting Issues

Early Crop Development Is Slowed by Cool Weather in 2008

Plant Pathology

Soybean Rust Summary for 2007

Soybean Rust Active in Texas

NDSU Disease Forecasting Web Sites

Update from Southern Plains States


Tillage and Wind Erosion

How Deep Did You Plant Your Small Grains?


New Extension Sugarbeet Weed Scientist Joins NDSU

Upbeet plus Glyphosate Mixture Approved

Control of Dandelion in No-tillage Broadleaf Crops



Diagnostic Lab

Update from the NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab

Fairy Ring in Turfgrass and Pastures

Fairy Ring Fungi

Around the State


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