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ISSUE 7    June 26, 2008


NDSU Annual Field Days this Summer


Recent Field Observations of Insect Pests

Avoid Flag Leaf Applications of Insecticide for Control of Wheat Stem Maggot

Still Early in Season for Leafy Spurge Flea Beetles

Plant Science

Using Hairy Vetch in the Cropping System

Corn Development and Staging

Growth Staging Corn

Relationship Between GDD and Leaf Numbers

Plant Pathology

Soybean Rust/Aphid Scouting Begins Next Week

Pea Disease Survey

NDSU IPM Small Grain Survey Results - June 24

Disease Forecasting Information

Optimal Growth Stage Timing for Fungicide Application to Small Grains for Scab Management


Crop Yellowing, Post Mortems, and Calls to Action


Pest Control in Vegetable Crops

Legality of Mixing Pesticides

Weed Control in Wheel Tracks

Cadet Herbicide

Volunteer Corn Control in Small Grains

Diagnostic Lab

Update from the NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab

Around the State


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