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ISSUE 6    June 19, 2008


Alfalfa Weevils Scouting and Growing Degree Day Map

Cutworm Activity Continues!

Soybean Aphid Update

Insect Migration Risk Forecast Low - So Far

Wheat Stem Maggot Update

Tick Problems for Livestock in Pastures

Sugarbeet Root Maggot: Major Fly Activity Surge Likely

Plant Science

Check Legumes for Nodules

Effect of Seed Inoculation and N Fertilization

Too Much Water Again

Stubble Height Affects Hay Drying When Soil Is Wet?

Alfalfa Hay Prices Increasing Rapidly

Plant Pathology

Wheat Leaf Rust Detected

NDSU Oat Breeder Reports Oat Crown Rust on Buckthorn

Fungal Leaf Spots Most Common in NDSU IPM Survey

NDSU Extension Plant Pathology Web Site

Recent Changes in the Wheat and Barley Fungicide World

Cool Soils/Recent Rains May Encourage Root Rot


Miss Roundup®, Micronutrients, & Their Unhappy Marriage


Impact Herbicide - Reduced Crop Rotation Restrictions

New Herbicide for Soybean

Axial XL Herbicide label Changes

Callisto Labeled on Flax and Pearl Millet

Callisto Labeled on Oats

Permit Herbicide Registered in Dry Beans

Cockle/Nightflowering Catchfly Control

Around the State


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