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ISSUE 13    August 7, 2008

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There will be no Crop and Pest Report next week, August 14th. The next scheduled issue of the Crop and Pest Report will be August 21, 2008.

Corn Rootworm Management

Correction on Dates for Section 24c for Mustang Max and Grasshopper Control in Flax

Scout for Two-Spotted Spider Mites in Soybeans and Dry Beans

Soybean Aphids Move Further West

Time to Scout for the Second Generation Bean Leaf Beetle in Soybeans

Blister Beetles Observed in Canola

Insect Identification Quiz

Plant Science

Canola Harvest

Seeding Green Manure or Forages into Wheat Stubble

Buggy Whip Corn

Plant Pathology

NDSU IPM Field Scouts Results

Folicur Labeled for Management of Sunflower Rust

Bacterial Blight Showing up on Dry Beans

Cercospora Leafspot in Sugar Beet

Around the State
Weather & Climate


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