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ISSUE 14   August 21, 2008

Note to subscribers:

This is the final scheduled issue of the Crop and Pest Report for 2007. A follow-up issue will be published sometime in mid-September.


Soybean Aphids Moving Field to Field and White Dwarfs Present

2008 Sunflower Survey

Insecticide Spray Timing for Control Sunflower Head Insects

Plant Science

Sub-Surface Drainage

Influence of Rain on Grain Ready to Harvest

Planting Winter Wheat in 2008

Plant Pathology

Rust on Dry Beans Appearing in ND


Crop Rotation Following Valor Applied as a Desiccant

Weeds Diminish Light Quality to Crop


Hornets, Yellowjackets Causing Problems for Picnics!

Irrigated Vegetable Tour

Weather & Climate


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