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ISSUE 6    June 14, 2007


Reader Survey of Crop & Pest Report on Internet


Flea Beetles on Canola

Cutworm Feeding Continues

Alfalfa Pre-harvest Intervals for Control of Alfalfa Weevil

Low Populations of Cereal Aphids Common

No Soybean Aphids Yet!

Potato Leafhoppers in Alfalfa

EPA Approves Insecticide for Grasshopper Control in Flax

Plant Science

Excessive Rainfall Challenges Crop Growth

Plant Pathology

Bacterial Symptoms Seen in Some Wheat Fields

NDSU IPM Crop Survey

Cereal Rust Bulletin Update

New Publication on Aerial Application of Fungicide

Growth Staging Grains for Fungicide Timing for Scab Control

Downy Mildew on Sunflower Photos

Wet Weather May Favor Root Rots


A Corn Grower vs. a Person Who Grows Corn


Superior Juneberry Search

Plant Diagnostic Lab

Plant Diagnostic Lab Reports

Diseases of Spruce and Winter Injury in 2007

Around the State
Weather & Climate


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