ISSUE 6   June 14, 2007


The NDSU Plant Pathology and Plant Sciences Departments are searching for juneberry plants that have potential to be developed for public release. Existing juneberry varieties are generally better than most wild plants, but there is much room for improvement. Superior plants developed in ND could help our fledgling juneberry production and processing industry by reducing orchard establishment and production costs and increasing berry quality and quantity. North Dakotans have harvested juneberries for many years, and some people have found plants that are superior to most wild plants in terms of fruit size or taste, plant shape or size, consistency or abundance of fruit, and damage by insects or diseases. Some of those plants have been moved into yards or orchards so they could be saved or accessed easier.

If you know of a juneberry plant or clump in or from the wild that has one or more of the above traits and might be worthy of public release, please contact Harlene Hatterman-Valenti (701-231-8536;, or Joe Zeleznik (701-231-8143; The plant location would be kept confidential. Tentative rewards for plants that are released to the public include helping to select variety names and a share of royalties, cash, or plants. The plants need to be evaluated while the berries are ripe, which will happen soon, so immediate contact would be helpful.

Jim Walla
NDSU Plant Pathology

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