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ISSUE 9    July 5, 2007


NDSU Field Days in July


Pest Alert: Wheat Midge in Northern Tier of North Dakota

Bertha Armyworm Emergence Underway in Canola

More Potato Leafhoppers in Dry Beans, Soybeans, and Potatoes

Colorado Potato Beetle in Potato

Banded Sunflower Moth Emergence Underway in Sunflower

Diamondback Moth Damage in Flowering Canola

Plant Science

Bleached Wheat Spikes May Not Be Scab

Plant Pathology

Wheat Disease Forecasting

Preliminary Results of Fungicide Evaluation in Winter Wheat

Ascochyta Blight in Peas

Disease Concerns in Lentils

Soybean Rust Update


Application Timing of Glyphosate in Roundup Ready Corn and RR Corn 2

Expanded Acetochlor Crop Rotation Options

Bayer Cropscience and Monsanto Enter Long-term Business and License Agreements

Halex Released Herbicide Name for Gt Corn

Express Sun Sunflower

Weather & Climate


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