ISSUE 12    July 26, 2007

Northeast ND

Harvest is starting in the area with both winter wheat and barley being ready to combine. Both crops look good with above average yield potential and good quality. Fusarium head blight (FHB) is more prevalent in the winter wheat than the barley with generally zero to three percent in the wheat and trace amounts in the barley. A higher amount of FHB is being detected in Cavalier and Pembina counties where more rain has been received. Early planted spring wheat looks good and recent heat will mature the crop nicely. A low amount of FHB is found in some fields. Canola is done blooming south of Hwy 66. Most fields north of HWY 66 are nearing the end of bloom. The warm season crops of corn, soybean, dry bean and sunflower are making excellent growth with all except sunflower entering into flowering or early seed set. Some sunflower will begin bloom by the end of July. Most early planted corn is silking. Soil moisture is mostly adequate in the area with soggy fields still prevalent in Pembina county.

Terry Gregoire
Area Extension Specialist
Devils Lake Area Office

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