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ISSUE 11   July 19, 2007


Wheat Stem Maggot Causing White Heads in Wheat

Scouting for Adult Banded Sunflower Moths

Scout for European Corn Borer Egg Masses and Young Larvae

Application Timing for Control of Banded Sunflower Moth

Scouting for Soybean Aphids Critical During Reproductive Stages of Soybean

Biological Control in Action: Soybean Aphid

Plant Science

Root Lodging and Green Snap in Corn

Cover after Harvesting the Main Crop

Plant Pathology

Heat and Lack of Moisture Can Limit White Mold (Sclerotinia)

Soybean Fungicide Application Without Disease?

Small Grain Survey Results - July 9-13


Dupont Meets Regulatory Requirements for Optimum GAT Trait in Corn

Poast Labeled for Use in Minor Crops

Control Weeds to Maximize Nitrogen and Yields

Milestone and Forefront


Improved Woody Plants for North Dakota

Birch Trees with Improved Resistance to Bronze Birch Borer

Elm Trees with Dutch Elm Disease Resistance

Plant Diagnostic Lab

NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab Update

Weather & Climate
Around the State


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