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ISSUE 10    July 12, 2007


Scout for Eggs of Banded Sunflower Moth

Univoltine European Corn Borer Emerging

Bertha Armyworm Trapping in Canola

Pea Aphids in Peas

Soybean Aphids Still Low

Wheat Midge Emergence Ending

Plant Science

Soybean Plant Starting the Reproductive Stages

Fusarium Wilt in Alfalfa

Can Applying Fungicides Improve Yields in Corn?

Plant Pathology

Aphanomyces Root Rot in Sugarbeet

Cercospora Leaf Spot in Sugarbeet

Small Grain Survey Results - July 2-6

Update and Correction to Info. on Fungicide Results in Winter Wheat

Sampling Effort of Ascochyta in Chickpea Underway


Omission - Expanded Acetochlor Crop Rotation Options

Common Lambsquarters Response to Glyphosate


Lawn Care During Hot, Dry Weather

Plant Diagnostic Lab

NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab Update

Ag Engineering

Maintain Grain Quality in Storage

Around the State


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