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ISSUE 1    May 4, 2006

Welcome to the 2006 Crop and Pest Report of NDSU Extension Service! As your new editor, Iím excited to bring the important agricultural production issues to you. If you have comments or would like to see a specific issue discussed, please feel free to contact the appropriate dept. or me. Good Luck for a productive season and profitable harvest!

Janet Knodel, Editor


Field Days and Other Crop Events


Cutworms Emerge as an Early Season Insect Problem

Insecticide Updates for North Dakota

Field Observations of Early Season Insect Pests

Plant Science

Planting Delays in Corn and Small Grains

Planting Soybeans Early: How Early??

Spring Frost Damage to Crops

Soil Temperature and Sugarbeet Seed Emergence

Projections for 2006 Sugarbeet Crop

Plant Population for High Sugarbeet Yield & Quality

Plant Pathology

Fungicide Seed Treatments May Benefit Soybeans

NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab Weekly Report

Seed Health Testing Update

New Database System

Section 18 Granted for Tebuconazole Fungicide

Cereal Disease Reports from Other States May 2, 2006

Wheat Leaf Rust Reactions in Spring Wheat 2005


Errors in the 2006 ND Weed Guide



Cottony Ash Psyllid

Spring Evergreens Show Winter Injury

Some Home Lawns Slow to Green

Around the State


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