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ISSUE 4    May 25, 2006


Ag Professional Field School


Manitoba Insect and Disease Update

Flea Beetle Feeding Activity Increasing in Canola

Adult Grasshoppers Already?

Start Looking for Alfalfa Weevils

Cutworms in Sugarbeets

Plant Science

Sunflower Seeding in Dry Soils

Rolling Soybeans and Peas

Harrowing for Weed Control

Early Growth Staging Small Grains

Plant Pathology

Small Grain Disease Update, 5/24

Leaf Drop on Green Ash Due to Ash Anthracnose

New Diagnostic Lab Personnel

Plant Diagnostic Lab Update


Delayed N Applications

Other Thoughts


Moss and Algae Control in Stock Tanks and Standing Water

Absorption of Glyphosate/soil/dust Inactivation of Glyphosate

Resources for Control of Obscure Weeds

Herbicide Prices

Around the State


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