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ISSUE 9    June 29, 2006


Watch for Increasing Aphid Populations in Small Grains

Watch for Increasing Soybean Aphids Populations

Bertha Armyworm Emergence Underway in Canola!

Update on Wheat Midge Emergence

Leafminers Infesting Area Sugarbeet Fields

Plant Science

Floppy Corn Syndrome

Use Caution with Date Prediction from NDAWN

Checking Plant Populations - Row Crops

Hail Damage in Oilseed & Row Crops

Canola Temperatures and Soil Moisture

Plant Pathology

Foliar Fungicides for Soybean

Soybean Rust Update

Wheat and Barley Disease Observations, June 19-23

Wheat Leaf Disease and Fusarium Head Blight Update


Purpling in Corn



Clarification of Roundup Application Window on Soybean

Section 18 Approved for Poast on Buckwheat

Effect of Rainfall on Glyphosate

Diagnostic Lab

Plant Diagnostic Lab Summary

Around the State


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