ISSUE 8   June 22, 2006

South-Central ND

During the past week (June 14-20), rainfall recorded at NDAWN sites located in the region ranged from 0 (Harvey) to 1.25 (Carrington) inches. Additional rainfall is needed across the region, especially west of Hwy 3. Based on NDAWN estimates, the regionís average daily water use on June 20 ranged from 0.15 to 0.35 inches for wheat, corn, soybean and sunflower. Hail occurred in portions of Logan and McIntosh counties last week.

April-planted spring wheat will be in the flowering stage this week. Farmers are struggling with the decision of applying fungicide at wheat anthesis for leaf disease control and scab suppression due to generally dry conditions. At a winter wheat trial near Ellendale, significant amounts of leaf rust and powdery mildew are present in susceptible varieties. Early-planted field pea is flowering and flax should soon be in bloom. Row crops are actively growing and generally are in good condition, except in western counties. Most corn is in the 5- to 6-leaf stage and soybean in the second- to third-trifoliate stages. Insect levels continue to be very low (e.g. aphids and thrips in small grain). Soybean aphid have recently been found in the state so fields should be checked for this insect as well as the bean leaf beetle.

Greg Endres
Area Extension Specialist/Cropping Systems
NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center

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