ISSUE 8   June 22, 2006


Sixteen sites have been selected for the 2006 Project Safe Send collection of unusable pesticides, scheduled for July 11-25.

"This is a good time for anyone with pesticides farmers, ranchers, chemical dealers and applicators, government agencies and homeowners to take stock of their inventory and set aside unusable pesticides for disposal," said Agriculture Commissioner Roger Johnson. "With 16 collection sites, no one will have to drive far to get rid of their waste pesticides, safely, efficiently and at no charge."

The collections have been scheduled for the following dates and communities:

July 11-12 West Fargo

July 13 Mayville

July 14 Drayton

July 17 Courtenay and Minot

July 18 Minot and Langdon

July 19 Bottineau and Tioga

July 20 Rugby and Killdeer

July 21 Linton and Belfield

July 24 Edgeley and Hettinger

July 25 Wyndmere and Glen Ullin

Persons with more than 1,000 pounds of pesticides should call (701) 328-4997 to pre-register. No other pre-registration is required.

Pesticide rinse water will also be accepted at any of the 16 collection sites. The first 100 pounds of rinse water will be taken free of charge; a fee of $1 per pound will be charged for each additional pound.

Since 1992, nearly 5,000 participants have used Project Safe Send to safely get rid of almost 1.8 million pounds of unusable pesticides, including DDT, arsenic and mercury compounds.

Project Safe Send is funded through the fees paid by pesticide manufacturers to register their products in North Dakota.

For more information, please call Patrice Lahlum or Ted Quanrud at (701) 328-2231.


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