ISSUE 5   June 1, 2006

Northeast ND

Rainfall amounts have varied greatly the last ten days. Three to five inches were recorded over much of southern Towner county while western Walsh county received around a quarter of an inch. Seedbed moisture is good and crops are emerging well. Most producers south of Highway 66 are finishing planting. Some northern areas and flooded areas along rivers have less than 25 percent planted. Earliest planted wheat and barley is in the five leaf stage with weed control starting when wind speeds are low. Corn is in the 2-4 leaf stage. Three to four trifoliate peas are common. Canola, flax and some soybean and sunflower are emerging. Some tan spot has been found in winter wheat that is now approaching or has the flag leaf emerging. Soybean fields are being rolled to suppress rocks. Flea beetle in canola, cutworm and wireworm have not been a problem in the region.

Terry Gregoire
Area Extension Specialist
Devils Lake Area Office


South-Central ND

During the past week (May 24-30), NDAWN sites located in the region recorded rainfall ranging from 0.15 (Valley City) to 2.64 (McHenry) inches. Rainfall amounts continue to be highly variable, for example, on May 24 the Sykeston area received over 4 inches of rain while Carrington received about 0.2 inches. Additional rainfall generally is needed west of Hwy 3.

Dry bean and sunflower planting should be nearly completed by June 3. Generally, fields with emerged crop have good to excellent plant stands. Barley and wheat planted in April is in the 4-leaf to jointing stages. Early-May planted corn is in the 3- to 4-leaf stage. Farmers are busy with POST herbicide application in small grain and corn. Tan spot can be found in wheat but incidence and severity is low. Soybean are in the unifoliate stage.

Alfalfa harvest has begun in southern counties.

Greg Endres
Area Extension Specialist/Cropping Systems
NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center

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