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ISSUE 15    August 17, 2006

Note to subscribers: This is the final scheduled issue of the Crop and Pest Report for 2006. The NDSU staff who prepare the weekly reports hope that they have been useful and timely. As always, we welcome any comments you may have that would improve the reports for use in the future. Comments may be submitted to Jan Knodel or any other contributing authors at the addresses listed.

Best Wishes for a productive harvest season! Thank you!


Erratum in Soybean Harvest Restriction

Soybean Aphids Move West

Second Generation Bean Leaf Beetle in Soybeans

Two-spotted Spider Mites Threaten Soybeans

Insect Identification Quiz

Flea Beetle Populations Continue to Be Low in Canola

Potato Leafhopper

Plant Science

Planting Winter Wheat in 2006

Flax Harvesting and Maturity

Row Crops and Estimation of Yield Potential

Plant Pathology

Time to Control Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus

Field Scouts Finishing Summer Survey


Fall Canada Thistle Control

Noxious Weed Infestations Decline in North Dakota

Are Weeds Tougher to Kill with Glyphosate?


Hornets, Yellowjackets Causing Problems for Picnics!

Plant Diagnostic Lab

Plant Diagnostic Lab Summary

Around the State


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