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ISSUE 4    May 26, 2005


2005 AG Professional Field School


Time to Scout for Alfalfa Weevil

Cutworms Damaging Sugarbeets in Valley and Mondak Growing Areas

Sugarbeet Root Maggot Fly Emergence Underway

Post-emergence Insecticides Needed in Sugarbeet Root Maggot Hotspots

Colorado Potato Beetle Insecticide Resistance Management

Springtails in Sugarbeet Fields

Plant Science

Rolling Soybean Ground

Buckwheat Can Now Be Planted

Relative Maturity of Field Crops

Evaluating Stands of Small Grains

Strategies for Delayed Corn Planting

Plant Pathology

Blackleg on Canola

Soybean Rust Fungicide Manual Available

Wheat Tan Spot Detected in Winter Wheat and Spring Wheat

Wheat Rusts in Southern Plains

NDSU Small Grain Disease Forecasting Web Site


Top-dressing Small Grains

Value of Phosphate in Small Grains

Micronutrients with Herbicides and Fungicides

Sugarbeet Crop Update


Erratum for MCPA Use in Field Pea

Wild Oats Control in Wheat and Barley

Volunteer Barley Control

Around the State


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