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ISSUE 2    May 12, 2005


Wheat Midge Outlook Good for ND Producers

Wheat Midge Degree Days Used as a Guideline

Outlook for Seed Damaging Insects Favorable

Alfalfa Weevil Scouting Degree Days Update

North Dakota Grasshopper Outlook for 2005

Insecticide Considerations for Re-planting Sugarbeet

Plant Science

Flax Planting Responses

Planting Soybeans on Soybeans

Zinc Deficiency in Alfalfa??

Frost Damage to Winter Wheat

Plant Pathology

Potato Late Blight Hotline to Operate in 2005

NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab

Recent Rains May Bring Early Season Tan Spot in Wheat?

Cereal Rust Development - Southern Plains

Soybean Rust Update


Soybean Fertility Notes

Farming Myths and Legends


Blanket (Sulfentrazone) Registration

PursuitPlus Labeled on Dry Beans & Some Pulse Crops

Corn (Pre) Herbicide Update

Control of Weeds Emerging Before Seeding

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