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ISSUE 6    June 9, 2005


Mosquito Season Takes Flight: Protection and Control Tips

Sugarbeet Root Maggot: Cool and Rainy Weather Expected to Delay Activity

Fight Leafy Spurge with Biological Control

New Neonicotiniod Insecticide Available for Potato Insect Pests

Strawberry Root Weevil Accidental Invaders in Homes

Diamondback Moth Larvae Cause Defoliation to Seedling Canola

Peak Crucifer Flea Beetle Activity Underway but Low Levels of Damage

Plant Science

Growth Staging of Canola

Wet, Saturated Soils and Crop Growth

Corn Growth and Development: Roots

Plant Pathology

NDSU IPM Survey, 5-30 to 6-3

Early Season Fungicide Use, Which Product Better?

Wheat Disease Forecasting Site

Root Rots and Wet Soils


Topdressing N on Spring Wheat and Durum


Unusual Weeds You Might Notice

Controlling Roundup Ready Volunteers in Roundup Ready Crops

Late Herbicide Applications in Small Grains

Grazing/Haying Restriction for Raptor on Field Pea

Post Herbicides on Stressed Corn and Small Grains

Herbicide Update - Part 1

Around the State


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