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ISSUE 9    June 30, 2005


2005 Project Safe Send Collection Sites, Dates Announced

2005 Ag Professional Field School


Are Colorado Potato Beetles Invading Your Potato Crop???

Scout for Diamondback Moth Larvae in Canola Fields

Bertha Armyworm Emergence Underway in Canola

Wheat Midge Emergence Underway in Wheat & Durum Scout for Wheat Midge

Can Insecticide Rates Be Reduced for Control of Wheat Midge?

Plant Science

Lodging in Cereals

Green Snap in Corn

Dry Beans: Growth and Maturity

Oilseed Sunflower Development

Plant Pathology

NDSU IPM Survey Results, 6-20 to 6-24

Wheat Leaf Rust

Scab Spore Count in Fargo Update

Fungicides and Lodged Grain

Chickpea Ascochyta Blight Found in Minot


ND SLN Registration Cancelled

Application Window for 2,4-D

Herbicide Mode of Action and Symptomology Web Sites

Important Tip for Dry Edible Bean Micro-rate Treatment

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