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ISSUE 8    June 23, 2005


Cottony Ash Psyllid in North Dakota

Aphids Infesting Area Small Grain Crops

Armyworm Alert

Barley Thrips Populations Increasing in Barley

Section 18 Exemption Approved - Mustang Max for Grasshopper Control in Flax in ND

Adult Sunflower Beetle Emergence Underway!

Plant Science

Soybean: Stand Compensation and Yields

Canola and Hail Damage

Corn Growth Staging

Plant Pathology

Generic Tebuconazole Fungicide

Scab Spore Counts

ND IPM Survey Results

Disease Reports from Nebraska and South Dakota

NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab-herbicide Injury

Soybean Rust Found in New Florida County

Fungicides for Sclerotinia Stem Rot of Canola


Additional Topdressing Issues for Small Grains

Estimating the Need for Additional N for Corn, Other Crops


Section 18 for Reflex on Dry Bean Approved

Agdakota List Serve

Rainfastness of Common Lambsquarters

New Cereal Herbicide in Development

Select Use in Field Pea and Lentil

Moss Control in Stock Tanks and Standing Water

Absinth Wormwood Control in Alfalfa - the Rest of the Story

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