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ISSUE 1    May 5, 2005


Project Safe Send Waste Pesticide Collection Sites and Dates


Thistle Caterpillars in Sunflower

Wheat Midge Degree Day Update

Plant Science

Blooming Soybeans

Pulse Tours Scheduled

Corn Growing Degree Days 2005

Plant Pathology

NDSU IPM Survey, June 27-July 1

Fusarium Head Blight and Spore Counts

Quilt and Tilt Fungicides Get New Supplemental Labels

Soybean Rust in Alabama

Soybean Fungicides Without Rust?

High Sclerotinia Risk for Canola

Scout Dry Pea for Ascochyta/Mycosphaerella


Topdressing for Wheat Protein-a Few Last Details


Houndstoungue on the Increase in ND

Followup - Herbicide Mode of Action and Symptomology Web Sites

Harmony GT in Soybean

Durango Registered for Preharvest Use in Flax

Interactive Encyclopedia of North American Weeds


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