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ISSUE 15    August 11, 2005


Sunflower Insects

Soybean Aphid

Lygus Bugs Infesting Area Sugarbeet Fields

What Are the White or Yellow Colored Butterflies Flying Around?

Plant Science

Flax Harvesting

2005 Soybean Plot Tours

Selecting Winter Wheat Varieties

Planting Recommendations for Winter Wheat

Plant Pathology

Fargo Cropping System Differences for FHB (Scab)

Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Ratings of Spring Wheat, Prosper, ND 2005

NDSU IPM Survey, Aug. 1-5

NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab

Soybean Rust in Southeastern U.S.


Heavy Rains and Hard Soil


Crisis Exemption Declared for Canola Harvest Aid

Around the State


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