ISSUE 15    August 11, 2005

Northeast ND

Rainfall has been light in the region this past week with no accumulations to note. Harvest was slowed for a few hours. Barley harvest is underway with yields from 35 to 75 bushels, test weights from 41 to 47 lbs per bu. DON content is generally between 5 and 10 ppm with a few reports from 2 to 5ppm. Winter wheat yields are also highly variable from 10 to 70 bu per acre with commonly reported yields in the 40 bu range. Test weights are light from 50 to 57 lbs per bu. Spring wheat harvest reports are just starting to come in and not enough to comment. The majority of small grains fields have reached physiological maturity.

Peas are being harvested with some yields in the teens as high as 40 bushels /acre. Disease has impacted yields although seed quality appears okay with favorable harvest conditions.

Warm season crops are doing well. Many corn fields are in early milk stage. Soybeans in R-3, dry beans fully podded and sunflower generally in full bloom. Some dry bean fields are suffering from earlier soil saturation and have poor root systems. Most of the regions row crops would benefit from a modest rain. Sunflower midge damage is evident, mostly on field edges, with an occasional field more heavily impacted. Seed weevils are not common. Soybean aphid is being found but infestations are spotted and generally light. The valley appears to have aphids found more frequently than western regions.

Terry Gregoire
Area Extension Specialist
Devils Lake Area Office

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