NDSU Crop and Pest Report


ISSUE 3  May 15, 2003


Northeastern ND

Planting progress has been good in the Red River valley, Benson county and the northern parts of Cavalier, Towner and Rolette counties. Areas of southeast Cavalier, western Walsh, all of Ramsey and northern parts of Nelson and Benson have only small acreages of crop seeded due to wet soil caused by fall rainfall and above normal March snowfall . Recent rains of 1-2"keeps the soil wet. Dry weather is need this week to make satisfactory planting progress in those counties. Some growers are beginning to re-evaluate cool season planting plans if planting is delayed beyond this week. Some sunflower planting will begin the end of this week and early next week. Earliest planted wheat is beginning to emerge. Field work involves seed bed preparation, fertilizer application, and seeding of corn, wheat, barley, canola and flax. Weed growth is accelerating with warmer temperatures and good soil moisture. Winter Wheat is growing well. Some small patches of winter kill in alfalfa has been reported in Cavalier and Towner counties.

Terry Gregoire
Area Extension Specialist
Cropping Systems


Southwestern ND

Field work was very limited this past week (May 7 May 14) with the area receiving beneficial rains. NDAWN sites around southwest North Dakota reported between 1.45 inches of rain at Mott to 2.69 inches at Mandan and 2.70 inches at Hazen. Some area producers reported slightly less and a few reported up to 5.0 inches.

Crops sown prior to the rain are emerging well. Producers who were hesitant about putting fertilizer on a couple weeks ago are going to top dress with additional nitrogen to reduce the risk of nitrogen deficiency and to capitalize on recent rains. Crops at the Dickinson Research Extension Center are progressing well with peas at the 4 to 6 node stage, spring seeded small grains at the 1 to 2 leaf stage, and winter wheat tillering to jointing stage. Alfalfa is about 12 to 14 inches in height.

Wild oat, wild buckwheat, and kochia are the predominate weeds being reported in early seeded crops. Grain has advanced rapidly and some producers are having to modify plans for herbicide applications.

Flea beetle activity in canola is reported as being light and early planted canola has progressed enough to where flea beetles are not likely to cause significant injury. Sweet clover weevils have been found feeding on sweet clover though alfalfa weevil has not been found in Dickinson area fields yet.

With recent rains and warming temperatures, producers growing wheat on wheat should begin scouting for tan spot in southwest North Dakota. The addition of a labeled fungicide with the herbicide application as discussed in the last issue of the ND Crop and Pest Report will help protect the crop early from this disease.

Roger O. Ashley
Area Extension Specialist/Cropping Systems
Dickinson Research Extension Center

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