NDSU Crop and Pest Report


ISSUE 8  June 19, 2003

Northeastern ND

Crop stands and growth are good throughout the region except for areas of Ramsey, Cavalier, Towner, and Walsh counties where large areas remain unplanted due to excessive rainfall. Winter wheat is heading and April plantings of Barley and Spring wheat are in the flag leaf stage. Corn is 8-10 inches tall, soybeans and dry beans from emerging to first trifoliate. Some acres of sunflower are being planted with most of the crop emerging to two leaf. Canola is just emerging to beginning flowering. Flax is emerging to 8" tall. Planting dates vary widely with most crops and will extend management decisions on pest problems for several weeks. Pest problems have been manageable to date with no big problem areas. Rainfall has been generally of the soaking nature and weather has been favorable for cool season crop growth.

Terry Gregoire
Area Extension Specialist
Cropping Systems

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